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Our eldest daughter Molly is 5 years and she is gluten free having being diagnosed with coeliac disease when she was 2.  It really isn’t a big deal at all and with a few minor adjustments she has been absolutely fine throughout.

Toilet training your little one needn't been stressful.  Remember to go at your child's own pace and take cues from them.  Deputy Manager Donna Reed shares her top tips for success:

We have a family of mice that are sent home with the pre-school children in a little suitcase.  The main character is called 'Daisy Cheese' and she has her brother 'Mikey Cheese' living with her.  Her suitcase carries lots of treasures she has collected along the way.  She comes home to lucky pre-school children for a visit and parents and children are invited to write in her book.  The idea is to encourage children to become storytellers and build their story on what the previous child/family have written.  We would encourage families to write a page or two more of the story and stick in a photo.  It would be really kind also if you could add a prop, so far there has been items such as a crown, gardening fork, cheese, a frog and even her boyfriend Bertie along the way.  We really hope to expand the story over time to add more characters to the 'cheese' family and Daisy Cheese may even have some baby mice to look forward to.  Please do look after the suitcase and take care to return all the props in a timely manner, to ensure all the children have a turn of taking the 'Cheese' family home.



Your child will be bringing home the letter bucket during the course of this year.  Inside the bucket will be a letter sound.

Please help your child to fill the bucket with items beginning with that letter sound for example if it was the 's' sound you may fill it with: socks, slipper, spiderman, spoon etc.  Please write a short list of the items that you put in, so that we can return it all to you.  Your child will show this to their group at circle time as part of the phonic activity and also share it with the whole group at the end of the day.  We want every child to be able to take the bucket home several times, in order to focus on different letters, so a quick turn around time would be appreciated to keep things moving.  Thank you and we hope you enjoy home learning with the 'letter bucket'.



From time to time we may notice a case of Headlice or 'Nits' in hair.  If this happens to you or your child, please read the following guidance and treat accordingly.

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Holiday List 2016-17

Term Date of Opening Date of Closing
Autumn 1st 2016 Monday 5th September 2016 Friday 21st October
Autumn 2nd 2016 Monday 31st October Wed 21st December (1pm)
Spring 1st 2017 Monday 9th January 2017 Friday 17th February
Spring 2nd 2017 Monday 27th February Fri 31st March
May Day Bank Hol Monday 1st May
Summer 1st 2017 Tues 18th April Friday 26th May
Summer 2nd 2017 Monday 12th June Friday 21st July 2016

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